Major Hooman Heartbreak

If you asked me two years back, “Cat or Dog?” I would’ve answered dog straight up. Although I have rescued kittens several times in the past, which were all too young to survive, I still wouldn’t have changed my answer to the question. It was the case until one April 2017 night in Makati, when a black ball of fur came bouncing towards us. Sweet heavens! I swear I was in dire need of a room mate then. And as if to answer my cry, this tiny little fellow came to us out of nowhere, and actually followed us down the street!



I picked him up, but set him back down after I remembered all the kittens I rescued and didn’t survive.

Several steps more and we realized the kitten was still following us! I picked him up the second time, and decided to keep him beside me forever.

We named him Riko. He was there from when I was renting a tiny room to when I moved to our house now. We played, we slept together — sweet times! To be honest, we even thought about making him our ring bearer! But the idea did not last for long. HAHA

Riko was there through the rough first month of our marriage — growing into a fine, intelligent cat. His left eye was left damaged by an infection, but man, he never lost a single confidence in him! His personality is superb! There’s no wonder he left a pretty solid mark in our heart.


We thought Riko would be with us for many years, but life has a different plan. One of those days we let him play outside and be a normal cat, he got run over by a jeep and went to cat heaven (if there is such).


Major heartbreak! The incident left me and my husband so heartbroken that we weren’t able to work properly for a week. We cried at every thought of Riko! Until now, we actually still feel a sting deep inside when we reminisce about the days we spent with him.

Sharing to you all this note I wrote to forever remember our wonderful memories with Riko:

  • He loves sun rays
  • He loves birds
  • He loves windows
  • He loves being on top of the cabinets
  • He loves playing
  • He loves nibbling on fingers and toes, and just about any body part
  • He is intelligent
  • He is sexy
  • He has self-discipline
  • He knows when we’re leaving, and greets us at the door when we come home.
  • He loves his mama blanket and kneads it like he’s nursing from his mom
  • He loves the outdoors SO MUCH
  • He can be snob sometimes, but is attentive when you call for him.
  • He likes exploring
  • He checks our stuff when we get home from doing some shopping and groceries
  • He loves cuddling beside us
  • He knows where the bathroom is, and wants his privacy (and the light on)
  • He broke our water jar, but we love him still.
  • He eats veggies! And doesn’t like junk food
  • He loves playing with tissues. He took down like two boxes and several rolls of tissue.
  • He also tore 3 sets of earphones
  • He likes to jump and cling to the screen doors and windows
  • He likes to keep to himself sometimes
  • He likes to sleep on top of Chard’s laptop
  • He knows how to open the door to the bedroom
  • He climbs the gate to the neighbour’s house.
  • He hates his vitamins.
  • He hates the sound of the blower or vacuum
  • He knows when it’s our gate that makes a sound. My husband and I can’t even tell the difference between our gate clanging vs. the neighbour’s!
  • He was out for a whole night, and scared us loads!
  • He once brought home a huge rat for us. lol
  • He loves cheese and cream. And absolutely loves ice-cream!
  • He meows like he talks.
  • He loves his little brother Chooey, and loves playing with him. (Even though it’s unreciprocated. XD)
  • He likes cleaning your hair.
  • He loves playing hide and seek.
  • We know he loves us too.


God’s timing is so perfect. A week prior to losing Riko, He sent us one energetic black kitten who we named Chooey. He helped us cope with the loss. And another week after, we adopted 2 years old Luna.

As of this writing, we have moved on from the hurts of losing Riko. My husband and I are happy with our two babies, who we are currently away from! Man, this blog entry sure made me miss them more than normal.

I hope you folks didn’t cry like I did writing this. HAHA

We love you loads, Riko!



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