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Back to blogging! I honestly am happy to be back after months of lying low (again) from blogging while bringing my website AND myself back up. If you’re following me on Instagram and my stories, I mentioned there a while back how I had to reassess which direction I want my blog to move towards. I just had a bit of confusion about social media and my life, and all the stuff I’ve been juggling. I needed to pause and reflect to make sure that I’m not letting social media take precedence over things that really matter to me. Like what I heard from one podcast, “We have many different hats that we wear.” There’s honestly so much going on in my life for which I haven’t mastered the art of catching up to. But I’m working on it for sure.


Anyway, so much for an intro!

I may be a bit late for this, but who cares really? HAHA You can close the tab anytime you want if you’re not interested. But of course, I’d be happy if you’ll read through the last part. I think it’s a good idea to have you guys as accountability partners for my goals this year. (But no pressure, self! Haha)




2017 brought big happenings in my life. One remarkable moment is when I GOT MARRIED! A big leap in life, indeed. And this year 2018, more happenings are expected! Sharing what my 2018 looks like so far:

  • Chard and I flew back to my hometown again to spend more time with family and to prepare the new place and all
  • We’re planning to move to my hometown by the end of May. Cheaper rent, yo! And cheaper lifestyle so we can save up for more travels! <3
  • DIY interior designing of the new place
  • Adding a pet doggo to our fam of 2 humans and 2 black cats. (Still have to get this approved. HAHAHA)
  • Read at least 1 book per quarter of the year. (I’m good at starting but really bad at finishing books. Sigh.)
  • More ladies hangout for me! Yay!
  • Driving school and driver’s license
  • Passport and first travel abroad
  • Start saving up for a house of our own 😀
  • First baby? HAHAHA

The Filipina BloggerThe Filipina Blogger

This year sure is looking fantastic! To achieve all that, I definitely have to continue working on my consistency in journaling. Journaling has been the most effective in keeping me sane and organized so I can wear more than one hat and rock it all! If we always remember who we truly are, then it’s so much easier to stand up and go after the things that we really want.

Filipina Blogger


Friends, stay with me and together let’s have fun achieving our GOALS FOR THE YEAR!


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