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Life Update: Face to Face with Cancer

First, no. I’m not the one with cancer. It’s my lolo (grandfather) who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. A first for the whole family. And since it’s a first, we weren’t really sure what to do, what to expect. We only had preconceived ideas about cancer from [ … ]

Bridal Shower Sesh

Hi folks! Today, I just want to let you in on the supposedly “surprise” bridal shower my girls hosted for me the night before I got hitched forever. And although I busted their surprise long before it materialized, I would say one way or another, I still got surprised — [ … ]

Rest is Magic

Sometimes when there’s so much responsibility to joggle, our body just tells us to pause and take time to rest. Its way of telling us? Sickness. I hate being sick. Well, I don’t know anyone who likes being sick! But you know, I guess sometimes we really need it to [ … ]


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