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Life Update: Face to Face with Cancer

First, no. I’m not the one with cancer. It’s my lolo (grandfather) who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. A first for the whole family. And since it’s a first, we weren’t really sure what to do, what to expect. We only had preconceived ideas about cancer from [ … ]

Major Hooman Heartbreak

If you asked me two years back, “Cat or Dog?” I would’ve answered dog straight up. Although I have rescued kittens several times in the past, which were all too young to survive, I still wouldn’t have changed my answer to the question. It was the case until one April [ … ]

Bridal Shower Sesh

Hi folks! Today, I just want to let you in on the supposedly “surprise” bridal shower my girls hosted for me the night before I got hitched forever. And although I busted their surprise long before it materialized, I would say one way or another, I still got surprised — [ … ]

Rest is Magic

Sometimes when there’s so much responsibility to joggle, our body just tells us to pause and take time to rest. Its way of telling us? Sickness. I hate being sick. Well, I don’t know anyone who likes being sick! But you know, I guess sometimes we really need it to [ … ]

Sunshiny Morning

This week has been mostly rain than sunshine. So the morning we caught Mr. Sunshine up, we didn’t think twice! We got out of bed and out of the house excitedly. Well, after being on house arrest for days because of the bed weather, it felt absolutely heavenly to feel the sunshine on my skin…


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