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Product Discovery: Affordable Organic Soap for Sensitive Skin!

Growing up, I was fond of observing others and trying stuff according to my observation. Hence my uneven underarm skin tone, my acne-prone skin, and my half-shaved eyebrows. There are just too many curiosity stories from my childhood that I want to change if given the chance to go back in time. Haha

Other than I tried this product and that or because this relative or that friend tried it, I was never really particular about the products that would suit me. Living with my parents before, I just used whatever was available. I never researched or read reviews. That was the case until I was exposed to the world of blogging where I try products and observe its effects, and review it after to help others who are also curious about it. Yeah, another way to put it is: Happy to be the sacrificial lamb, folks! HAHAHA!

Anyway, for this particular post, if you’re like me who’ve been dealing with sensitive skin since God knows when, then this is for you too! So read on!

I came across this organic soap from @behealthyandwell as I was scrolling Instagram. I have not tried organic soap before so I thought it was an interesting product to try. Let me also just state that it was a time my skin was really sensitive that using my normal Kojic soap was just too mahapdi. I emailed the owner telling her I’d like to try her products, and shortly got a reply from her saying she’d be happy to send over samples. She’s so nice that when I received the package, it surprised me to see a lot of variants sent over!


First thing I noticed upon using the soap was that it was really gentle to the skin. I felt my skin refreshed and clean without it feeling dry and stretchy afterwards. Instead, it helped keep my skin hydrated! I tried the guava variant first because guava is known for its healing agents and I had acne I wanted to break up with. So far, I have tried 3 variants — guava, charcoal, coconut. It will take time to try them all because the soap don’t melt as easy as the ones in the market. Another good thing! Healthy na, economical pa!


I still continue to use Kojic soap when my skin is okay because I use it to lighten the scars from previous breakouts. But I’m happy with my discovery because whenever my skin is at a trying time with breakouts here and there, I know I’d have a default product to use — tried and tested that works wonders in keeping my skin healthy.

In a nutshell…
I urge you to try Be Healthy and Well organic soap! Aside from being organic and a really good product, it’s made with love and passion that makes it extra special. Plus! It’s really affordable. Check their site for more details: Be Healthy and Well.

Until my next product discovery!


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