Since reviews from blogs and some wedding websites helped us big time in finalizing our lineup of suppliers, I’m writing this entry to sort of give back to the community – especially to those who are in the Metro Manila area and are prepping for their wedding day.

Choosing your wedding suppliers sets the tone for your wedding preps. If you booked suppliers that work well for you and your plans, then you have a better chance at enjoying the preparations compared to those who didn’t. So in picking your suppliers — research is your best friend! Mind you, hard work pays off!

Long before I discovered W@W, we have already booked majority of our suppliers. And we were pretty confident with our finds because we researched! So if you are determined to make the dream wedding of your life come true, invest time and effort researching for the perfect suppliers! List your pegs and narrow it down until you arrive to the one that got you sold out. I guarantee it would be worth it.

So let me cut the chase and start the review 😀

Having several suppliers on our lineup, I’ll break the review down to 3 parts and start with our TOP 4 SUPPLIERS.

  1. VENUE
    Renaissance Convention Center
    Stars: 4/5
    Peso Power: 25K (for their garden and ballroom)

To be honest, it took us a while to find the perfect place. But once we found it, the rest followed. So I say this has to be your Top 1 supplier to book because the rest of the suppliers sort of revolved around this. I mean, you would want to book suppliers that are already near the venue so you can skip the out of town fees, right?

Prestige – 3/5
When deciding for the venue, we only had three things in mind. First, is that it has to be within Metro Manila. Second, it has to be cheap. Lastly, even though it’s cheap, it still has to look good. In terms of prestige it is far from 5/5. But for the money that we spent for it, it’s probably the nicest we can get.

Photogenicity – 4/5
For sure our photographers and videographers did a great job in finding beautiful spots! Their unused pool and the construction going on at a neighbour property were a turn off.  Although if used properly, this place indeed has a lot of raw places where a lot of great pictures can be taken.

Staff – 3/5
The garden where we held our wedding ceremony isn’t really for rent. When we first got there, we saw a messy place with random pots and trees, two area of grasses separated by a bricked aisle. The venue staff did whatever they can to make it available for us and at a very cheap rate. Weeks before the wedding, the place is all cleaned up just perfect for our ceremony. However, their admin staff personnel being young, we had a hard time communicating with them via email and Messenger. In person, they are really polite and very helpful.

Facilities 4.5/5
What matters here is the availability of power, lighting and of course, air conditioning, ballroom can fit 200 guests, plus they have a generous space for the holding area for the caterer. Their comfort rooms are well-maintained as well! So the place was able to cater to everything we needed. Many spots here are rarely touched though and there are a lot of room for development. If the management decides to work on their facilities, this place can be really expensive.

By the way, they also have Courtyard Dormtel so we were able to cut down on the transpo from hotel to the venue because it’s already within the vicinity of the venue! The rooms are not so aesthetic though so not much indoor preps shots. But they have air conditioning, a comfort room, and it has enough space for all the preps — that was enough for us.

In totality, Renaissance Convention Center was a great find. It’s a hidden gem ❤ So if you’re after an affordable venue which will give you good value for what you’ll be paying, Renaissance Convention Center is definitely worth exploring!

Here are their rates for you to check out:


Queensland Catering Services
Stars: 5/5
Peso Power: 90K (Basic package + backdrop upgrade + Wedding Ceremony package)


Food – 5/5
A friend of my husband who worked in hotels, restaurants and catering services told him that all the food that were served were good food. We also got positive feedbacks from many of our guests. They loved it! No question about it. (As for me and my husband, we can’t remember how the food was. HHAHAHHA I guess it’s really true that you don’t get to eat properly during your wedding.)

Setup – 5/5
The team really did a great job in decorating the whole ceremony and reception area. The pictures can tell you more about that.

Staff – 5/5
This includes the very helpful Ms. Arlyn who had all the wonderful ideas in setting up the venue. We did not hear much about the on-site staff but we can remember a few moments where they stood out. These guys really know what they are there for and nobody gave a bad comment about any of them.

Value for money – 5/5
When people talk about great caterers, they also talk about great amount of money. We are just really blessed to know about this supplier. The quality of what they offer can be compared to those pricey caterers with just maybe half the amount in peso. This is a great example of getting more than what you pay for.

We’re not holding back from giving this supplier a 5/5. They surely delivered more than what we hoped for or expected.

Bob and Zab Photography
Stars: 4.9/5
Peso Power: 35K (Rainy Day Promo)

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Quality of Work – 5/5
We love the pair! This soon to be wed couple are photographers on the rise. They know what shots to make and how to get them. They have a certain style of taking bright pictures which we liked. They were able to make thousands of wonderful pictures.

Use of Facilities – 5/5
The good thing about great photographers is that wonderful details about the venue, the bride, moments, and every nice things – they will surely capture that, and for the not so great details, they can make them look awesome still. If the venue is not that extravagant, they will surely find a spot where nice pictures can be taken.

Coverage – 4.5/5
With at least three photographers taking pictures, they were able to capture almost every bit of the details without them having to run around randomly. They just know where to point their cameras and when to click that button. We’re giving them 4.5 though because it would’ve been nice if they took more photos of us with our families. Partly it’s our fault because we didn’t have a list prepared — and seriously, during the whole day, we were not able to think straight. There were just so many things going on! HAHA So yeah, it would be lovely if they can incorporate that to their agenda.

Professionalism – 5/5
For budding professionals, they just do well with their way of dealing with clients. They were able to give us a lot of tips and helped us to relax before The Great Photoshoot starts.

Timeliness of Delivery – 5/5
Right on. Yes. Right after the reception, they gave us all the copies of the pictures. Although they still have to deliver the edited ones, we’re already giving them the 5 because of their generosity in giving us the copies. We are still looking forward to some deliverables and we’ll see if this changes.

Value Added Services – +1
In the contract they said we’ll just have 3 photographers on-site but instead, they gave us four 🙂 more shots, more angles. Thank you!

To see their work for our wedding, click link to watch:
Prenup AVP
On The Day AVP


Ian Cruz Films
Stars: 5/5
Peso Power: 85K

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Because the husband was the one who really pushed for Ian Cruz Films, I had him review them. HAHA And here’s what he came up with:

Quality of Work – 5/5
We decided to get ICF simply because we fell in love with their SDEs. Rightly so, we got what we wanted. They were able to deliver a wonderful SDE for us with great shots.

Use of Facilities – 5/5
Again, the good thing about great photographers and videographers is that they will surely be able to capture those wonderful details about the venue, the bride, moments, and every nice things. And for the not so great details, they can make them look awesome still.

Coverage – 5/5
With seven on-site staff, that’s up to seven cameras recording at the same time. This is why they can get  shots for the freshly rolling teardrops. They won’t be scrambling around hoping to capture moments by chance. They just have to stay where they are and capture details assigned to them.

Professionalism – 5/5
Ian and the team, they have always been very professional. They know what they are doing and they know how to deal with their clients. I can remember one time when Ian had to call my attention and say, “You should be relaxing by now. Whatever you are trying to do, let somebody else do it for you.”

Timeliness of Delivery – 4/5
Although they did not include in the contract that they should upload the SDE within a certain period of time, we had a little bit of a slump when they told us that they will upload ours on a certain day but they did not. It did not hurt much and we are believe that they are not like that all time. They still have deliverables for us and we’ll see how they make it by then.

To see their work for our wedding, click link to watch:
Same Day Edit

The rates I posted is from 2016 and is of course becoming more expensive each year. So it’s still better to visit their page and get in touch with them for your inquiries. You can click on the links on the post to visit their page. 

There goes birthing 1/3 of our wedding suppliers review. Gee! I had a hard time being honest! LOL Kidding aside, it really took me a while putting this together because I didn’t know where to start and how. I’m the kind of person who really loves details — I ended up overwhelmed! You’re all so lucky my husband is very supportive of my blogger life. HAHAHA He helped me do the reviews and pushed me to finish what I started. (I was tempted a lot to abort this mission. XD) I MADE IT!!! This is just 1/3 though so good luck to me!

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Officially Mr. and Mrs.

This is me and my husband sending our support to all the couples out there who are in their wedding preps season!
I hope this review would be of help to you one way or another 🙂
For any question at all, feel free to message me!


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