Sunshiny Morning

I am really trying to put things together with the review for our wedding suppliers. I didn’t know it would take so long with all the details! Haha But I’m getting there 😉

In the mean time, let’s take a break!

This week has been mostly rain than sunshine. So the morning we caught Mr. Sunshine up, we didn’t think twice! We got out of bed and out of the house excitedly. Well, after being on house arrest for days because of the bed weather, it felt absolutely heavenly to feel the sunshine on my skin…

Because I was feeling positive and happy about the sun, I brought with me my handy camera – it’s a Nikon 1 J5. Really great for travels and spontaneous trips because you can always carry it around. So I brought it with me to snap some photos of the beautiful morning.


The neighbor’s dog 🙂
I love that he seems to be posing for the camera. Impressive stance!
It was our first time in the neighborhood’s basketball court. We got it for ourselves early in the morning! Such a big playground for Riko!

lr-6454            lr-6455

The roles were switched. It ended up “the cat walked the humans.” LOL
This cat knows how to pose! <3
Yes, we’re using a dog’s leash on him! HAHA


Me trying to be artistic with my shot. Well, hello there leaf! You’ve been a nice addition to this work of art. HAHA


Awww :’)

Riko’s fascination of the outside world captivated me so much I ended up taking photos of mostly him! HAHA He seemed to have enjoyed more than we did…

Mornings are just so beautiful I decided to stop being such a nocturnal human so I could wake up early for mornings like this <3


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