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StyleGenie: A Radical Way To Improve Your Wardrobe

My style has changed a lot. From wearing 3 layers of whatever way back college days, to super toned down shirt and pants. It sure has evolved. I should say though that now, I’ve become braver to try different kinds of fashion, and still stick to my personal style.


Like everyone else, I scout the malls for awesome outfits I could possibly add to my wardrobe. Recently though, I feel guilty spending so much buying few pieces of clothes for an enormous amount of money. Yes, it can get really expensive buying in the mall. (Aircon pa lang, magkano na dagdag non sa presyo diba?) So lately, I found comfort shopping in the many Tiangge stalls of Taytay Market. Since Taytay is the home of fabric factories, you find lots of clothing in super cheap prices! PARADISE FOR ME! But you know, no matter how much I want to score new outfits in Taytay, sometimes the hassle of it gets to me — you have to travel and wake up early to catch the great deals. That led me to “ONLINE SHOPPING”.

I love online shopping! So hassle-free — or so I thought. Sometimes it’s disappointing too. Has it ever happened to you that you picked this really pretty dress online, and when you got it, it doesn’t really look great on you? Happened to me quite a few times already! Wouldn’t it be nice to just have an expert style me?


How SG Works

Just when I was exploring the thought of having someone style me, I started seeing posts from my co-bloggers about “StyleGenie”. Apparently, it’s the first styling + clothing subscription box in the Philippines. They have professional stylists to curate an outfit for you based on the styling quiz you took, and the kind of “Surprise-me box” you picked. AWESOME! Their concept totally won me over. I mean, isn’t it great that even though I’m not a celebrity, I get a stylist to style me? No? Well for me, it is great! I think it’s such a radical way to improve one’s wardrobe. No traffic, no need to be early, no pagod, and no more falling for “akala ko bagay sa akin”. With just your computer, internet, and few clicks, you get a pro stylist to pick an outfit for you! SWEET!

Obviously, I tried it. And that’s the whole point of this blog entry — to tell you about my experience.


I saw a lot of reviews for StyleGenie who were more about the timeliness and such. For me, I wasn’t really in a hurry so I didn’t stress about it arriving early or late. But if you’d want to know, here’s the timeframe:

2nd of Nov – Order Confirmation
7th of Nov – Email confirmation that the item was already shipped.
13th of Nov – Box received.

It did take a while, but I didn’t mind. If you plan on trying StyleGenie for an event though, make sure to factor this in. Maybe mention it upon order to add some sense of urgency. Maybe it will help.

It’s well packaged, I should say. They even have like a cling wrap as the first layer to peel off.
Isn’t the StyleGenie box so cute??


Getting the package thrilled me in a whole new level! Did I mention that I love surprises and that it was my first time ever to get styled? So yeah. My smile was from one ear to another. I was hoping for something that would fit my Instagram Feed because that has been mainly the reason for my wardrobe update. I needed outfits that would go with my warm-toned, autumn-feels feed. I stated that when I answered the quiz.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.07.14 AM
A peek on my IG feed 😉

Upon opening the box, I saw the hand-written letter first. I think it’s a good way of adding a personal touch 🙂 And then of course, I had a glimpse of what I got. Seeing the color, I already knew it was going to fit my feed!! <3



They sent me this brown, high waist, above-the-knee, korean casual dress. At first I worried because it looked a bit short on me. (Folks, I am conservative. HAHAHAHA) But when I tried it on, I guess it’s fine as long as I wear flats. I tried it on with my wedge sandals that’s about 3 inches tall — made my legs longer, but at the same time, the dress felt shorter that I wasn’t comfortable anymore.

I make it to a point that my style is fashionable without compromising my comfortability moving around like a normal but awesome person. XD

So… I guess I’ll be fine as long as I remember to pair it with a flat footwear. What I like best about it is the kind of fabric used for the dress, and the color! YEY!

I decided to wear it for the upcoming bloggers event 😀


Medyo nabitin ako with just one dress, so I’ll probably try another box one of these days. (I got their 899 Surprise-Me Box, by the way.) Also, I have to agree that somehow, it’s pricey. But if you think of it, it’s the same with any other service we pay for for the sake of convenience. (My husband and I have spent probably a huge sum of money for Grab and Uber since our car is broken and we both hate commuting.)

Convenience has a price for sure. But more than the convenience, also factor in having someone actually style you.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience and will be back for some more.

If you’re into surprises and unique experiences like me, I suggest that you give this a try to know if it’s for you or not. Bloggers like me can only share about our experiences. The final verdict will still be yours in the end.

Feel free to take the styling quiz https://lddy.no/17rj and use my code JUMI4SG for a 10% discount on any box of your choice 🙂 


That’s gonna be it for this post, folks. Thank you for reading up to this point! Hope to share to you more exciting stories moving forward. If you liked this, hit the “LIKE” button and share it to friends who might be interested.

Thanks again!



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