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Roadventure with Doraemon

As a new blogger and social media influencer, it humbles me to be invited to events. At the same time, it makes me so excited because an event means the husband and I will go out! If you don’t know yet, we both work at home. So normally, we’re just AT HOME. On the rare occasions that we go out, we treat it as a “date”. So event + date = palpitation. LOL

Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, was a nostalgic kind of date for us. We met some childhood friends!

Being a 90’s kid, I definitely grew up knowing this friend. I even remember hurrying home from school to catch it on TV. Haha I’m talking about Doraemon! And I can’t think of any of my friends who wouldn’t know him.

That magical pocket where you can draw out timely machines for every occasion. The flying hat, time machine in the drawer, the door that leads to anywhere, the time cloth where you can make things either older or newer, and many other tools that can possibly be available in the future — or so we wish! I have dreamed of having this robot cat friend from the future who can make our wishes come true. I bet at one point, you did too.



Doraemon on Television

Sadly, we all had to grow up and let go of those fantasies. What’s even sadder is that Doraemon is no longer being shown on TV. To be honest, I didn’t realize it wasn’t being shown on TV anymore. Aside from me not having access to TV for a couple of years now, I remember watching the Doraemon movie not too long ago. So I guess that’s why somehow I was surprised to know that the kids – the generation after us, don’t know Doraemon anymore, and can no longer enjoy playing with those imaginary machines. It made me sad.

BUT!!! The good news is a group of people are putting up an effort to bring back Doraemon on Philippine Television! That is why my husband and I were able to be like kids once again. Special thanks to Creato Consultancy, Inc. who invited us to one of their Doraemon #ROADventures. We absolutely had fun!


#ROADventure Experience

Roadventure is being done by having multiple shows on different malls to re-introduce Doraemon to the kids. To capture more audience, they are cutting the shows to 30 minutes every 2 hours. The show began with the introduction of Doraemon and Nobita. They opened up strong with a dance performance to the tune of Baby Shark. (Well of course, it’s a kids event.) We enjoyed cheering for the children along with their parents. Everyone was having fun!

Photo from before the event started.


You can see people from all walks of life in the audience!


These are cute kids dancing to Baby Shark.

Shortly after that, they awarded the winner of their online costume contest followed by meeting and greeting Doraemon and Nobita where you can come up the stage and take pictures with them. The husband and I had no shame, we joined in! And actually, we were the first to take pictures with them. HAHA (Okaaaay. Perks of a blogger! XD)

Weee!! Photo with Doraemon and Nobita 😀
Yes, we took the liberty to pose twice! haha

They also had Doraemon trivia and some Q&A where you can win Doraemon items. Not the flying hat or the time machine drawer, but they were nice items still.

They capped it off by having another dance number. This time to the tune of the famous opening theme of the show – Doraemon no Uta. My memory strongly remembers Doraemon being so bouncy. Haha

After the show, everyone can roam around the event area to take pictures and enjoy the Doraemon atmosphere. Mind you, we lined up with the kids for this! Really, my husband and I have no shame at all! 😛


Some Doraemon merchandise available:


Q&A winner showing off her Doraemon shirt.


My husband and I got our shirts too! It made my day. HAHA
Here’s me showing my shirt off:

IMG_275408 IMG_275009
It was a fun event 🙂

The event would have been more substantial though if they were able to stress more on the things they were rallying for like teaching kids to step up against bullying, making good friends, being kind to one another, and some other positive things. I believe it is most needed in this world we are in now. But given the time restrictions, I get that it was hard. But maybe next time, something can be done to squeeze some more substance in the event.



On the Issue of Bullying

Doraemon is not about teaching kids to be strong enough to stop bullies by themselves. It’s about the importance of having a friend, someone they can cry to and someone who can be wise enough to fight the fight with them. And well, being one too! Doraemon doesn’t give Nobita tools to fight back. Although this happens a lot in the show where Nobita uses Doraemon’s tools the wrong way. Then Nobita ends up hurting himself even more.

This Robot Cat from year 2112 is like a “kuya” figure. He will fight for you if you are “in the right” but he will never turn up to become a bully himself. This friend is also very careful not to turn Nobita into a bully. As the Filipino hero once said, “What is independence if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?”


Let us teach kids how to be strong and how to stand up for themselves. Always let them know that we are on their side, but let us also be careful not to make bullies out of them. Just like with us adults, they need someone to be with them. A safe place to be weak, and a source of strength. We may not have super tools, but we have the power of words and presence which can make a weeping child into a joyful one. And that makes us Doraemons in real life.


Juannami and Husband


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