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Rest is Magic


Sometimes when there’s so much responsibility to joggle, our body just tells us to pause and take time to rest. Its way of telling us? Sickness.


I hate being sick. Well, I don’t know anyone who likes being sick! But you know, I guess sometimes we really need it to be reminded that we’re not immortals — that our physical body has limitations. Because most of the time, we forget that.

I don’t eat well.
I don’t sleep enough. (I’m nocturnal)
I skip vitamins because I get lazy.
I skip exercise because I get lazy again.
I take in more responsibility than I can accommodate, resulting to? STRESS.

How ironic of someone who hates being sick.


Anyway, as I was saying, I got really sick two weeks ago. So sick I couldn’t even sit up because my world was spinning. Like literally spinning! Big chance it was because of my hormones since it came around the same time for my monthly period. Nice! Or maybe it was all the stress coming together. But just to give you the idea, vertigo was the closest thing to it according to our description and Google research.



After a week of dizziness and lots of sleep and good food, it just disappeared one night. See? Rest is magic! Hurray! My husband and I were both so happy I can live like a normal person again. My husband happier because I can now cook for him again, and clean the house and such. HAHAHAHA I love him. A household is big time different without a woman taking care of it.


The whole duration of me being sick definitely wasn’t a great time. But thanks to it, I started taking good care of myself AGAIN. These days, I make it a point that my husband and I are well hydrated, eating at the right time, and sleeping at the right time — Okay. We’re still working on it. Haha And one more thing, we make sure that we invest to have fun time together and have a break from all the stress of being an adult.


Surely, there will be times when sickness can’t be avoided. But to lessen the chances of that, I encourage us all to take good care of ourselves so we can take care of the people we love. <3


Rest is Magic
So proud of myself for doing a great job with this look. Despite being dizzy, I sure did the cat eye well! 😉 I’m a pro! HAHAHAHAH

By the way, the series of photos I have shared in this post are from my attempt to be normal one of those days I was sick. (Don’t worry, folks. This was when I have rested enough to get up. But Bonamine still helped a lot!)

I went out of the house because I was determined to create content for my blog. #Dedication, friends! HAHHAHA And in all fairness, I didn’t look sick!

Brace yourself for some more celebratory poses:


Being an adult in the world today can be pretty stressful. That’s why we need to choose our battles wisely.

So stay healthy and make sure you get some good rest each day because folks, REST IS MAGIC indeed 😉

rest is magic
Keep rocking!


+++ Sleep
+++ Healthy food
+++ Less Stress
White tees borrowed from the husband. Brand: Jockey
Ragged shorts from N years ago.
Cardi scored at Greenhills.
Pink walking shoes bought at Gaisano Mall Tagum for PHP100+ I’m pretty sure it was less than 150.
Necklace from H&M (Gift from my admirer turned husband. LOL)


Love lots,

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