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Relevant Tip If You’re Into Trying Products

Lately, I’ve been hardcore into trying out new things. Well, trying new beauty products specifically. I’m not yet too sure if that’s something good or bad. Haha What I do know though is that I am more “experienced” than I was few months back. I’m talking about beauty related stuff, okay? I just felt the need to clear that up. 😛

So in the past few months after getting married, somehow I have gotten myself exposed to more beauty products than I have ever been in my 25 years of existence! I wasn’t really the type to try this and that product. Once I find something that does not give me breakouts or dandruff, I stick to it.

Somewhere, somehow, I changed. People change. HAHAHA Or maybe this is just a season. Who knows? As long as I’m still enjoying, I’ll just go for it.

Now let me tell you one helpful venue for trying new things out.

I started my journey with SAMPLE ROOM PH.

In a nutshell, you basically just need to go to their site, register, and choose products that you would like to try. You can try them for a cheaper price! The catch is, you need to provide a review about the product after using it for about five days. And once your review is completed, you get your points back.

They give you 100 points upon sign up, so you can use the points to buy the products you want to try. I did purchase their VIP Membership for around 600Php for 1000 worth of points to spend. Not sure how to use up all the points now. Lol

Heads up though, you can only check out three items at a time so make sure the three items is worth spending the shipping fee on. Yes, you need to pay for the shipping. I live outside Metro Manila area now (Cainta) so the shipping fee is more expensive compared to when you’re just within Metro Manila. I cry T.T But at least the items are free! (Suggestion: Look for items available in their actual size. Some are only in sample sizes. Helps when you pay attention to the details.)

Here’s a link to their website explaining how it works: http://www.sampleroom.ph/how-it-works

And these are some of the items that came in the mail from Sample Room PH.

unnamed (10)
First, it came with this Ninja Van packaging. I really like the packaging of this compared to some other courier.
unnamed (9)
Upon opening the Ninja Van packaging, this is what you will see. Another cool packaging! Actually, it’s more accurate to say “pretty” than cool. haha Pretty packaging from Sample Room Ph <3
unnamed (8)
This is the first ever item I got from Sample Room. And this is a gift they sent out to me after availing of their VIP Membership. I’m still using this, and I just love the fragrance!
unnamed (6)
A combo to take care of your hair and scalp. Okay. My husband and I have a bad case of flakes right now. Stresssss! Haha So we’re looking for the perfect aid. 🙂
unnamed (7)
Something to relieve you of the itchy scalp. The effect is very temporary though. But I still like the smell and its cooling effect 🙂

Those were some of the items from my first batch order.

Cool how venues like Sample Room are available these days, huh? What do you think? Is it something you would try? I’d love to hear your answers! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment for your thoughts or questions 🙂


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    1. Juannami

      So I just saw this comment. Haha Anyway, go for it! I’d vouch for that product 🙂 And yeah, trying products out before going for the real deal is absolutely a great idea! I just hope they have more variety of products available for testing.

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