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How We Experienced Baguio Despite Limited Time and Money

It’s only been two and a half days since Baguio and I miss it loads already! I especially miss the cold climate and the pine trees. I would go back just for those two.

It has been a tradition for our church to go up to Baguio City and celebrate an annual festival where brothers and sisters from the same fellowship meet. So although my husband and I have been planning travels after getting married, this one is different. We were there for a purpose other than just purely travel and enjoyment. But of course, we don’t dare miss the opportunity to explore! It’s a little difficult when you have a schedule to follow, but it’s not impossible. 

Let me share the things we were able to do despite our limited time —and cash.

1.Night Market: Ukay Ukay!

The evening right after we arrived, my husband and I headed to their ever famous night market. You can find a lot of things going from stall to stall! They also have street food like isaw and kwek-kwek. As for us, we have eaten just before going to the night market so we didn’t bother much about the food. But just in case you fancy trying it out, there are many choices to choose from.

Street fooooooood!
A glimpse of the Baguio Night Market

What I enjoyed the most — and actually the main reason I pleaded to my husband to go to the night market, is their UKAY UKAY! I don’t intend to brag, but I do have a knack for finding gems in a stack of whatevers. lol Although it also depends on my mood. Let me show off my finds from that night in Baguio’s night market:

20Php Top. Not bad! 😀
20Php blouse.
Ala K-drama coat. HAHA What convinced me to buy this is its color. I just love it! Bought for 2 for 150 with the one below.

I also loved the color of this one <3 To be honest, I only thought about it looking great in photo shoots. I never really thought that Metro Manila’s weather is not like Baguio’s. XD

The DENIM JACKET!!! Another reason for me braving the night market and the cold weather is to look for a denim jacket. And it’s all worth it! I scored my first denim jacket (now that I’m a grown up) for just 150Php! It’s still a little expensive because there are other options between 50-70Php, but duh. I already fell in love. Period.

The most important finds by the way: Mine and Husband’s Costume!!!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


This was for our costume party as part of the festival. It was themed Outer Space. I’m not entirely sure what our costume is in relation to outer space. HAHAHA But whatever. What matters is we enjoyed — and even got nominated for best costume in couples category. LOL

Photo grabbed from Facebook. Thank you Ate Alicia!
So we danced the night away. Haha Photo grabbed again. Thanks Richard Boone!

We came home exhausted and sneezing here and there, but we felt accomplished 😀 (My husband and I are asthmatic, and ukay ukay doesn’t really go well with asthma.)

2. Eat Outs

Baguio has developed through the years — it continues to develop still. And through those years, lots of establishments have sprouted like mushrooms all over Baguio. You can find lots of food places to explore and splurge on. Checking out blogs and articles over the Internet sure helps you generate a list of to-try’s.

Here’s what I had in my list originally:

Amare La Cucina Pizza 
Cafe by the Ruins
Arca’s Yard
Choco-Late de Batirol 
Korean Palace Kung Jeon  

Here’s what we were able to try:

Melt  – This is the most satisfying to our tastebuds! We chose a table outside for a change. It was great!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Four Cheese Panizza – New fave!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Angus Beef Steak
Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade
Choco Truffle with Jack Daniels. Beware! It could get you wasted. HAHA! But it tastes sooo good!

We tried their Techno Hub Branch. We were a huge group though so it was impossible to take pictures of what we ordered. Haha If I remember correctly, we had Four Cheese pizza (again), and then pasta. We ordered several types of pizza and pasta, and were just passing plates around. My memory just lost it. LOL

Here’s to give you an idea of how “huge” the group was. Photo grabbed from Facebook. (Thanks Ate Joyce!)


Zax’s Chicken and Waffles  

This wasn’t in the original plan. We only browsed through it before leaving the hotel for dinner and night market afterwards. And as we were walking down Session Road, we walked past their sign board and craved for chicken and waffles. That’s how we ended up in Zax’s. HAHA Sad to say we weren’t very happy with the food. The waffle was dry, and the chicken didn’t seem to be marinated enough. The place was a little lonely too. Maybe the staff just wasn’t in a pretty great shape when we went. I don’t know. hoho

View from the window near our chosen table.

thumb_IMG_0784_1024 2





3. Random Strolls – FREE!

This is my forever favorite! Aside from it being free, it’s very romantic! And refreshing! I love how it calms my mind as we enjoy the scenery while strolling. Imagine the cool breeze brushing your cheeks, and the smell of pine trees or the sweet aroma from different coffee shops. Ahh! Nothing else can top it! For a nature walk, go for Camp John Hay. For a mala-korean drama city feels, Session Road is perfect. 


Busy ang Gong Yoo ko. XD


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

4. Other things to check:

Tree Top Adventure  – Check other places near Tree Top as well. There’s the Bell House, Cemetery of Negativism, and some others. We were not able to really explore the place because we came a little too late for closing time. Hoho We’ll be early next year 😉

Le Coq Bleu and Guest Haven
I really wanted to check out these two, because friends… It’s RUSTIC! Haha You all know how I go gaga over almost anything related to rustic. So I thought these two were a must check. Too bad though our schedule did not permit us 🙁 I can only imagine the pictures I could have taken for my Instagram feed! *Goes to corner and cry. LOL

There’s always a next time, I just tell myself over and over again.

In A Nutshell

If there’s one tip I want you to take away from this article, it’s to #PLAN.  Plan your travel.  Make an itinerary of things and places you want to explore. Promise, it will help you save both time and money if you know what you want compared to just trying things out here and there without any goal at all. It’s important that you have a guide that sets your trip right from the very beginning.

And in case you couldn’t explore AT ALL for whatever reason there may be, let me console you with this: AT LEAST YOU GET TO BREATHE AND BRRR IN BAGUIO’S COOL AND FRESH AIR. Good luck on your next visit!

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