How To Have A Happier Day

After weeks being on home arrest for various reasons, my husband and I was finally able to get out of the house and spend some time with awesome people. We woke up pretty late because of a messed up body clock so the fellowship was shorter than we originally planned. It was short but sweet! We went out to go attend church, btw. And we were late enough to miss the preaching! HAHA

Yesterday was an amazing day all in all. And today is amazing too! Every single day is! So how exactly can we have a happier day? According to what I re-learned today, we have to “keep our focus on the goodness of God and away from the littlest of ourselves.” I’m totally quoting that from this amazing message we listened to early this morning. (Need to improvise because we missed the message Sunday! XD)

The message series is called: My Big Fat Mouth. Huh! You bet it’s very much relevant to me! The series is about how the words we speak can both give life and take it away. The part 1, which we listened to, is focused primarily on “COMPLAINING.”

In my mind, I was like, “Gee! I do that a lot!” Well, who doesn’t? I mean, it’s very easy to complain here and there just about anything!

“Oohh it’s raining again! The laundry is never going to dry out in the sun!”

“I woke up late! This day won’t be a productive day anymore!”

“Why did Riko (our cat) mess the living room again?! I’m so done with this cat!”

Those are just few of the things I complained about as my day started. And the list goes on! So hearing the message (Thanks to my partner for initiating!), I get to step back and refocus.

Here are some key takeaways I got:

  • When we complain, we wire our minds to complain even more.
  • When we complain, we take our eyes from the goodness of God and focus on our self.
  • If you can do something to change your situation, change it. If you cannot, change your perspective.


The message encouraged me to refrain from complaining even in my mind, and instead choose to praise God for every good thing that He is doing in my life — the good things never run out!

My day is happier and I became more positive doing the tasks today. So before I go and deal with my day, let me leave you with this question: What is it that you complain the most?

I attached the video link to this post so you can watch it too!

I hope this made a difference to your day like it did to mine.


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