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The Thing About Weddings

Wedding is a celebration that reminds one of the beauty of “LOVE”. Whenever I attend a wedding before, I always find myself dreaming about falling in love and getting married. I have to admit that it’s one of those dreams I kept dear.

I still can’t believe that dream already came true for me! When you meet “the one”, things just speed up real quick and you wake up one day — like three weeks after, and realize you’ve been married for almost a month already! Or is that just me? HAHA

Well dear friends, I married the best person in the world for me… And that alone is enough for it to be the best wedding ever!

I’ll let you in on such a fairytale-like day in my and my new husband’s life with some of our favorite pictures from that day…


The venue: Renaissance Convention Center (We used their Garden and Ballroom)




I really love detail shots like this <3

Some shots as we got prepared for the real thing. Gee! Quoting a friend, we’ve become Hollywood stars for a day! I haven’t been photographed so much before. HAHAHA


My groom and his best man.
I found the perfect gown! Isn’t it beautiful?
Some of my girls helping me check if I still fit on my dress. Waaa! I almost couldn’t breathe —- because I was too excited for the moment!
Aww. A pose with my pretty girls.

Here we were moments before the walk on the aisle… I was soooo nervous! Good thing I still managed to smile. Good job, self! HAHA


WOW! Just wow! You guys still wonder why I fell in love with this man?
Me in my white dress. Yuhoo!
Love my cascading bouquet. I didn’t know it would be so heavy though! I think I had muscles the day after. HAHAHAHA


And now, my favorite part! The walk down the aisle! This part had freaked me out the most, but it’s still my favorite. I was freaking out over the thought that I might trip on my gown and roll my way up to the altar! Well, it would’ve been a heck of an entrance!


Does he look excited? You tell me!
I clearly remember this moment. The feels and everything else. And my heart! It throbbed like there’s no tomorrow!

HERE COMES THE BRIDE!!! It’s meeeee!



Don’t worry, folks! I made it to my groom without tripping over 🙂

It felt like the longest walk I ever had my entire life! At the same time, I hoped I could’ve walked some more steps and looked at each one of the faces in the crowd — cheering and tears overflowing. Hihi I loved that moment <3


Now these were some shots during the ceremony…


That smile on his face is priceless.
Me: Eeeeek! I’m not sure I’m ready to kiss in front of everyone. HAHAHA
MWAH! I couldn’t escape though.
And we have a winner! A round of applause! LOL
Aaah! MY FAVORITE PHOTO! I just love how this photo captured so much love and joy. Definitely for keeps!

Hollywood stars moment in 3… 2… 1…

Groom and his best budds. One is missing though.


I don’t even have to caption this. <3


Eeeeeh? Kiss again?!

Now a quick look at the reception before anyone else… Our stylists did a fantastic job here! I love how simple but elegant the whole set up was <3 <3 <3



The reception program was just as lovely as the ceremony. We loved the attention — I mean we loved the time we were able to spend with our family and friends. There were lots of laughter and fun, and really awesome moments to remember.

I want to go back.

Our first dance as husband and wife. (Well, technically it’s not the first time. We already did some dance steps prior this to shake the nerves off for our entrance walk together. HAHA)
Ahhh this part of the program was so much fun! Instead of the usual singles game, we did a game to honor the couples who’ve tirelessly worked to keep the sanctity of their marriage. My uncle and aunt turned out to be the couple who have been together for the longest time — at least in the crowd we had. They gave us advice and dared us to follow their lead. So much respect for our ninongs and ninangs! Our role models <3
This was one of the dares, folks.

Of course there is no perfect wedding. Not everything will go exactly how you planned it to be. Ours wasn’t perfect at all… And I like it the way it unfolded.

What my wedding experience taught me is that you have to decide to let go and appreciate how things unfold. That’s how you can enjoy such a special day. Well, that’s how you get to enjoy life in general too!

I let go and I wasn’t let down. Everyone just worked things out. From our suppliers, to our families and friends… And by the way, having a July wedding without rain is like a miracle! It’s an answered prayer.

Truly when God is involved, and God is love, you can only expect something beautiful. <3

A wedding is just the beginning of a greater adventure. A wedding is like a welcome party to a life-long contract of cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and all that stuff. LOL! So let me end this here so I can go face my household chores. HAHAAHA

Married life is awesome. Stay in love!

Some more photos for you!









Hoping to do a detailed review of our suppliers in the next posts. 🙂



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      @angtravelling: I’m relieved! HAHAHHA I guess you were right after all. Writing a blog is like giving birth. Although I haven’t really tried giving birth yet. 😛

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