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Breaking the Stigma: Gadget Buying in Greenhills

I know a lot of people who wanted to own this gadget and that, but rests the case because honestly, gadgets cost a fortune. I’ve been one of those people. For years, I pretended to be content with my old model and slow mobile phone because I thought I’d never afford those gadgets I’ve been Googling whenever I’m bored.

As you all know, I’m passionate for exploring new things. But at the same time, I share my parent’s passion for being matipid and smart with money. I never had enough reason to spend a fortune trying out those new gadgets. And well, I didn’t have the fortune either. HAHA

But time passed, and I discovered there is a way to try those gadgets and other stuff without going broke. Thanks to Buy and Sell shops! There are lots of shops like this, and Greenhills is one famous for it.

But first, let’s discuss the stigma around these kind of shops.

What is the stigma?

I always had the notion before that items, specifically gadgets that are sold in Greenhills are either fake or stolen. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Interestingly, a month ago, I was able to dispel this myth as I went out in search for a new phone. I’ve been using android phones ever since they existed, and somewhere down the road, I thought I’d try to climb the social ladder and get myself an iOS phone. LOL On a serious note, I needed a more powerful phone for my work as a Social Media Specialist. And yes, I really wanted to try it too.

So off we went.

gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus

Upon getting there, I found myself overwhelmed. There were so many stalls to choose from! And all of them trying to compete for your attention. I felt like another Hollywood star moment for a bit. I’m glad I brought with me my husband because he kept me sane all throughout the process.

So we went past several stalls until we found this one stall with an innocent-looking lady. Innocent-Looking as she is, she’s a smooth talker nevertheless. Galing mang sales talk! But in fairness, she seemed like she knows what she was talking about. So we chose to stick with her. And since we researched and came prepared, we handled it pretty well. I’d like to believe so. Haha

We told them what we were looking for, and hola! They have it!

gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a preloved iPhone, aside from the specific model you want, I suggest you consider these important details:

  1. Check authenticity of the unit by looking up the serial number on this site: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do.
  2. No AppleID issues.
  3. Factory Unlocked. This means, you can use it on any network as is. Most of the unit they sell is only GPP Unlocked (you can Google about this), and it usually ends up being problematic. So again, I suggest to look for Factory Unlocked. It will be harder to find it and a little bit more expensive, but it’s much safer to go this way.

I found this site with more helpful details for checking if the iPhone is real or fake: http://visihow.com/Determine_Fake_vs._Real_Iphone

I can say my first iPhone ever is a good find — iPhone 6s Plus 128GB, Factory Unlocked for 23K with freebies. We didn’t really haggle for the price that much, but we did get lots of freebies. HAHA

All in all, the Greenhills experience was pretty memorable. I realised that not everyone there is out to con you. There are just avid iPhone fans that upgrade their phones every time there’s a new release, and people from those buy and sell shops are just normal people trying to earn a living. As long as you come prepared and you talk to them properly and respectfully, you’ll get a decent treatment in return. And well, YES, a decent deal.

gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus

More Greenhills Shopping Tips:

  • Go there prepared. Know what you want.
  • Research ways to check if an item is legit and still good.
  • Go early. Just in case something goes wrong, you can still go back to the same stall on the same day and resolve the issue. Stalls in Greenhills get shuffled based on what we inquired.
  • Don’t be shy to check and verify. Ask questions! This is how you can be a wiser customer – by asking questions. Partnered with research, you get to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS that will help you have a smooth shopping time.
  • Bring a bouncer. LOL Bring a friend. This is your support system and sounding board at the same time. They will be your shield from being pressured by the smooth talkers.
  • Haggle. It is never a bad idea to try.
  • Get their details and take a picture with them if you may. Just a precautionary step because we never really know.
gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus
My iPhone 6s plus is my best friend when taking flatlays. It just does a fantastic job!
gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus
Of course, selfies and groufies with friends!


Buying pre-loved items is one way of being practical. Master the art of meticulous checking, and it would be like you bought something brand new, but waaaay cheaper.

If you’ve got the money to buy brand new and you’re totally at peace with the idea of spending the amount of money for a certain gadget or what, then go for it! “Peace of mind” is included in the package when you buy brand new, and peace of mind is expensive, pals.

This cat was trying to help me. He’s even very serious about it. Haha


I’m fine with buying preloved items. Truth be told, I love ukay ukay and scouting OLX for preloved stuff. But I make sure the items ARE NOT hygiene-sensitive. I mean gadget, furnitures, some clothes — those stuff are fine. But personal products like makeup and underwears, the answer is obvious.

Hope you learned a thing or two from this read. 🙂

gadget buying in greenhills, iphone 6s plus

We went back to our suki and bought my Dad his first iPhone. Another great deal it was.

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