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My Blogapalooza Experience and 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss It (Next Time)

Hello to my fellow awesome human beings! It’s nice to have you here!

If you’re following me on my Social Media (Instagram and Facebook), you pretty much have an idea how I spent my weekend. But if you’re not following me yet, now’s the perfect time to do so! 😀

Anyway, last weekend was jam-packed for the husband and I. We had two consecutive events that we both didn’t want to miss! This post though will specifically be about the Saturday event — Blogapalooza 2017!!!


First off, what is Blogapalooza? To be honest, I had no clear idea until I was there in the event, experiencing it firsthand. I didn’t even know it exists until a co-blogger mentioned about it! Well, I was pretty much the definition of “beginner”. Haha I started reading blogs and checking their website. And what I learned is that Blogapalooza is now a company! Before, it was known to be an annual event for businesses/brands and influencers to network. Now let’s quote from the Blogapalooza site: “From being a one-time big-time event, Blogapalooza has formally incorporated to become Blogapalooza Inc., the Philppines’ premier influencer marketing company. We connect businesses and bloggers directly, helping businesses lower their costs and increase their profit with the help of rich content from bloggers.”


So how did my first hand experience go? One word. ENRICHING.


The venue was in City of Dreams Ballroom. Friends, CITY OF DREAMS! It was our first time! I didn’t know there was a mall inside, and I didn’t know it was open for all! The whole time I thought it was for casino-goers ONLY. HAHAHAHAHA Well, I never had any plan visiting City of Dreams until Blogapalooza. The venue in itself is already quite an experience for both the husband and I. Cool diba? City of Dreams! Come on! Thanks Blogapalooza for the awesome venue!

Now let’s go to the event itself. Since I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t really disappointed. I’ve heard from some bloggers who’ve been in the event years back, and they were somehow disappointed because they expected there would be more “significant” brand sponsors, and they say it was more fun then. Uhh I don’t know about that because I absolutely loved the experience.

Let me give you my version of 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Blogapalooza Experience next year.

1- The Learnings

Topic line up for the Blogapalooza Event (Generation Digital).

Let me tell you this — more than the fun, it’s the learning that we should bank on first and foremost. I would say, empty your cup before going to events like this. Also, be humble enough to learn from others. We’ll need this especially because in the field of blogging and social media, the learning never stops!

Got hooked listening to this talk! So much to learn! So many questions answered!


Very inspiring talk from Mr. Carlo Ople. Always go back to your big WHY.
Talk with some of the Philippines’ big influencers.



Through the talks from credible people, experienced people during the Generation Digital event, I became more aware of this world that I got myself into. I’m able to shift myself to the right perspective, and came out of City of Dreams with more knowledge and renewed passion for what I do. (Plus bags and bags of giveaways. HAHAHAHAHA)

2- Networking with Brands

You can always find brands you like online, and go from there. But isn’t it nice to attend an event where there are all kinds of brands (even brands you haven’t heard of before), and hear their representatives tell you about their mission and vision, and infect you with their passion? Well, that’s something! It’s also your chance to impress! I’m not saying you can’t do this via email, but you sure have more chances to do so up front and personal.


Just me with my tote bag, checking out the booths 😀


Hurray for me getting the chance to meet two of the founders of StyleGenie! (I’m currently part of the ambassadress program. Yay!) It was awkward at first since I forgot their names! Fail. But they are two nice, young ladies so it still turned out well.

Can’t miss the opportunity! I had to have a photo op with Abbie and Rhij <3

3- Meeting co-bloggers in person!

Almost — if not all the bloggers I know, I’ve only seen and interacted with, online. It sure is great to meet them in person! This way we get to know each other better. (Most of those I met are really different in person!) What I appreciate the most about this is, you get a chance to network to a BIG pool of bloggers and influencers one time big time! I can only imagine the many collaborations that will stem from this 😀

I met Davao Bloggers because of Blogapalooza! It’s just so nice to know people from my hometown who are also serious about blogging. I’ve seen their teamwork, and it just warms my heart seeing and remembering how they support and build each other up. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the right blogger family for you, going to events like this!

Group picture with the Davao Bloggers Society. Gotta visit them when I’m in Davao! (Friends, thanks for the durian candy!!!)
Photo by @edenmorales
Another talented blogger/photographer I met. Happened to be my husband’s elementary classmate! Haha Small world, indeed. Check him out at Instagram: @edenmorales and @uncoveringeden

4- The Boost

Sometimes, I’m not really sure about what I’m doing. “Am I doing this right?” “Am I doing this wrong?” I usually ask myself these questions. Gave me my much needed boost to know I’m not alone. Haha

The best booster I had from attending the event though, was to be reminded to REMIND MYSELF OF MY BIG WHY. WHY did I even start blogging? This gives us a sense of purpose and gives us a list of goals on how to be successful in blogging. IF you are born to be an artista, you may skip thinking about your WHY and still go on having thousands of followers. BUT if you are someone, like me, who have to hard-earn our audiences, skipping WHY may lead to a lot of frustrations.

Answering this question of WHY helps us through the tough times, and it sets us in the right direction!

And oh! One more thing. I learned what “reverse inspiration” is all about, and how it helps us. HAHAHA Something from the famous Ramon Bautista’s brilliant mind. Want to know what it means? Ask him! 😛


5- The Experience

Who knows just what’s in store for you? Every year, Blogapalooza brings you to a different venue, and a different experience. Nothing is better than to actually experience it for yourself. Because like what they say, experience is the best teacher of all time.

First time printing our names in a Coke bottle! Thanks Coke Studio! 😀
Go guys! For the love of Instagram. HAHAHA



I had some fangirling experience during the event too! I believe it’s my first time pushing for photo ops with celebrities. It feels amazing having proof of the experience <3
(Louise Delos Reyes, Joyce Pring, Kim Cruz, Ramon Bautista)

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
With Louise Delos Reyes
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
With Joyce Pring
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
With Kim Cruz
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The husband with Ramon Bautista


In a nutshell, I find attending Blogapalooza enriching as a blogger, as a social media person, and as an individual with dreams and aspirations in life. This means I will be back next year, and the years after that! Hope to see you there!

I am well aware that I can’t perfectly put into words my whole experience with Blogapalooza: Generation Digital, but I did my best to share with you what it’s been. I hope reading this blog has been helpful to you!




Thanking the husband @d_drich for being the most supportive husband I could ever have. Here’s a photo of him carrying our share of the giveaways. Hihi (Yep! You can expect giveaways despite Blogapalooza being a free event! AMAZING!)


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