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Doraemon Roadventure Finale

Intro + Recap

Did you know that there is this collector of Doraemon toys and merchandises who plans to put up a house dedicated for Doraemon? The total collectibles amount to around P500,000.00 already. This collector also brings happiness to the less fortunate kids by giving them Doraemon stuffs as her advocacy. She’s been doing it for years and the best part of it is that this collector is a Filipina!

Great, right?  This is one of our takeaways as we join for the second time the #ROADventure of Doraemon Philippines. For the past months, a group of people have been working diligently on re-introducing Doraemon to the Filipino kids. They have done multiple mall and school events carrying the banner I’m Your Hero and, of course, presenting human sized, walking, and dancing Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Soneo and “Damulag”.

Breakdown of Program

The event starts with the introduction of the General Manager of Animation International, Ltd. As we enjoy the festivities throughout the events area, this man starts his opening remarks by sharing that their goal is to teach people how to be heroes on their own ways.

As he goes down the stage, the hosts calls on the assistant mall manager of Mall of Asia to share a short message. On her speech, she briefly acknowledges our presence, the bloggers, who are there to cover the event. Yes, we are part of those bloggers who were invited for this purpose. But you know what, my husband and I totally forgot that because we were so into the festivities and we felt like kids again. Haha!


To summarize the I’m Your Hero campaign, a video started playing. We found ourselves hooked as we watch the AVP which showcases the impact of the campaign to the kids and the values that they are carrying on every event that they make.

After the AVP, four notable women started climbing up the stage, one by one. They are our Modern Day Heroes. One of them is a doctor who grew up with polio, one leader of PAWs who salutes those who rescues cats (I rescue cats!), one active participant of different humanitarians missions and lastly, the Doraemon collector I mentioned above.

These are just some of the remarkable happenings and I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details because we were not a bit bored when we were there!

Just like the first one we attended, Doraemon and Nobita never fails to bring joy and laughter to the kids and even us, kids at heart. It’s even more fun this time as Soneo and Damulag brings that playful energy on stage plus that cutesy leading lady who inspires Nobita as much as she inspires us, Shizuka.


Priceless Smiles

My husband and I are planning to have kids someday. When we go to places using public transportation, one of our simple joys is to find babies or small kids who are smiling. I know you love that too. That innocent child who is just so happy at the moment can surely light up anyone’s mood with that contagious smile.

Now, imagine hundreds of smiling kids.


More than anything else, I can say that the organizers can already tick that success box just by seeing those happy kids all around the event place. If just like in Monsters, Inc., we can generate electricity out of the joy and laughter of the kids, we can save up enough electricity to run the whole Metro Manila for weeks! The smiles of those kids are just priceless.

Knowing that Doraemon will be back on Philippine TV over the next years, we will have one more reason to let our future kid/s tune-in to local channels.

Thank You Note

We wouldn’t be here if not for those generous organizers who chose us to be part of the event. We can never thank them enough for giving us this wonderful experience. Special thanks to Alg and his team who made sure that we can maximize the whole event and of course for the freebies. Yay! Looking forward to more events with you guys! 🙂

For the Kids!

When we get to have our own kids, we will make sure that we have time for events like this. And if you already have one, please go and treat your kids for so much fun. Our lifestyle as Filipinos is evolving and part of being up to date is by exposing you and your kids to social and community events such as this. So for the coming events, let us all come together and enjoy them as a community.



What are your thoughts? Share them with me on the comment box below. Til next time!



Thanks to the husband for co-writing this! <3

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