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First Photobook

Hey awesome readers! I have been putting off writing this review since last week! The reason will be shared to you on another post. HAHA For today, I’m going to focus on “THE REVIEW”. I guess it’s my first product review ever in this blog! YAY!

I made it pretty obvious all over my pages that I just recently got married – YEY! And my, my! There are just dozens and dozens of pretty pictures I want printed! I am an absolute fanatic of printed photos.

First Photobook

I used to just save my favorites on a flash drive and storm out to the nearest photo printing shop to have them printed in 4Rs or wallet size photos. But this time around, I thought it would be nice to try something new.

I checked Metrodeal and whatever similar pages to look for discounts and promos for this budding trend of Photobooks. I chanced upon some ad before and since then, it was on my bucket list! They offer a customized photo book that you design via their online platform, and it gets printed out like magazines instead of the traditional printed photos on album. I thought it was pretty cool to see myself in a magazine like thingy. HAHA! #PANGARAP

First Photobook
Front Cover
First Photobook
Back Cover

I say the experience is cool because you get to design your own album. For someone like me who loves storytelling, it’s a fun task to put things together and arrange it however you desire. I arranged the chosen wedding photos to sort of tell how our special day went.

First Photobook

Photobook Review

First Photobook

But no worries for those who want the easy way. They also have templates ready for you to use. You just need to upload the photos you want to use, and voila! Your photobook is ready for printing!

Photobook Review

Thursday last week, I got the package! It felt like I was getting married again. CHAR! You can just imagine that part.

Photobook Review

When my husband handed me the package though, I felt a pinch of disappointment inside. It’s waaaay thinner than I expected it to be. It’s just like the size of a CD case! I was planning to give it to my Lolo as a gift, so I worried it would be too small for him to enjoy the photos — and I was right on this.

When I opened the package, man, it was really small. But to be fair, the print is in awesome quality. The pictures are still on high definition like those in magazines, except the small ones are really small. Haha

First Photobook

I guess it’s a miss on my part because I’m so bad at measurements! XD I guess I pretty much just had the wrong expectations to begin with. This was the package I got for 100Php via Lazada:

6×6 inches Mini Square
(It said “mini”. I should have known!)
Soft cover
40 pages
(Not Lay Flat T_T)

You have to take note though that you need to pay separately for the shipping fee. When I say separately, I mean really separately. If you order two photobooks, you have to pay the shipping fee for each one! Sad. It would’ve been nice if you can just have the two in one payment. Or if they just allow pick up.

First PhotobookFirst Photobook

Moving forward, my husband and I decided to order another photobook after we get our other responsibilities taken care of. For the second time around, we’ll make it a little bigger, with hard cover, and in lay flat. I’m pretty confident my expectations now are closer to reality. Haha

I’m relieved to know that they keep the project in your account even after it was printed, and they allow you to change the specifications of it. I simply clicked the previous project and duplicated since I wanted the exact same thing reprinted only with different specifications this time around. It also helps to choose a size that’s similar to what you originally had.

First Photobook First Photobook

Whew! So that’s how my first Photobook experience went.

Did I regret it? Of course not! In fact, I think Photobook is a great discovery my now little family will be using moving on. Maybe when we print pictures of our first born? HAHA! Not too soon! It’s quite expensive for someone “kuripot” like me, so it would be nice to find an alternative. If you know one, message me! I would really appreciate it. 🙂

First Photobook
I’m still happy for this first.

Stay posted for more stories on my firsts!

This post isn’t sponsored. Everything I said is solely based on my personal experience with Photobook Philippines.

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    1. Juanna Mi

      BaB! I just remembered I owe you a reply here! HAHA! I’ll let you know if we get better deals moving forward. I’m keeping the copy online so we can reprint whenever 🙂

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