The End

Not much of an end than it is of a start.

Ciao! This is the blog’s kickoff entry! (Kicking it off almost the same time as my married life!) At the same time though, after maybe many years worth of entries, this will be the end of your scrolling. So let’s hope I would be conscientious enough to share my thoughts and experiences in this blog, because you know, sometimes life just overwhelms us and it makes it difficult for us to catch up with the documentation. Anyhoo, I will do my best to stay passionate with blogging! We always have those things that we want to accomplish in life, and I have a long list of those so I bet we’ll have fun here.


Postnup sesh during our Bohol trip. Yay! Sweetness overload?

I just got back from our “honeymoon” sort of. Yes! I just got married! It’s going to be a heck of an adventure from here on… So let me just get myself settled (because the house is still as messy as my feelings! Hahaha) and then I’ll start telling you about many things! Would you want to start with my wedding and how passionate I was with it? Uhmm… Let me first think about it. HAHA

I’m stoked to spoil you with so many stories!

Love lots,
Juanna Mi (The new Mrs.! HAHA)



Expect a certain dose of the word “passion” and “passionate”. It’s just me trying hard to stick with the blog title. LOL


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