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Bridal Shower Sesh

Hi folks!

Today, I just want to let you in on the supposedly “surprise” bridal shower my girls hosted for me the night before I got hitched forever. And although I busted their surprise long before it materialized, I would say one way or another, I still got surprised — and touched that there are friends, and family who are willing to invest time and effort to make me feel extremely special. Awww. To think, majority of them even flew to the Metro just for my wedding day. I could cry buckets of tears with this.

I thought it’s just right for me to take this time to honor them in my blog! (I know. I have lots of pending reviews to do, and I’m working on them. So no need to worry. Haha)

Enjoy these behind the scene photos from my bridal shower!

They blind-folded me, and when I took the blindfold off, I wanted to cry. They even dolled the place up! So sweet are my girls.

This was the “HOT SEAT” session. It was done in a truth or dare style where they had me pick HARD questions to answer, and even HARDER consequences to follow — naming one: shake my booty while on top of a table. You can just imagine how hilarious that was! I’m not so sure I was prepared for this. Haha


My time for revenge! Haha They had to do a really-out-of-the-world game. Well, at least for my dalagang Pilipina girlfriends. I still chuckle remembering this game.



Bride-to-be photo ops coming! HAHA


Hello from the squad!





I am genuinely touched by the realization that I have friends! Real ones! I just want to teleport and give each of my girls a hug for being awesome people in my life. Let’s not forget the awesome first and last bridal shower I’ll ever have!

Thank you Jam Mich, Sizzum MJ, BbKat, Kaps Keshia, BaB Angie, Venuski, Ate Che, Tita Joy, the mothers, everyone else who helped. Thanks everyone!

As you can see, the happiness is evident. Love you all!





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