Life Update: Face to Face with Cancer

First, no. I’m not the one with cancer. It’s my lolo (grandfather) who was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. A first for the whole family. And since it’s a first, we weren’t really sure what to do, what to expect. We only had preconceived ideas about cancer from [ … ]

Major Hooman Heartbreak

If you asked me two years back, “Cat or Dog?” I would’ve answered dog straight up. Although I have rescued kittens several times in the past, which were all too young to survive, I still wouldn’t have changed my answer to the question. It was the case until one April [ … ]

Doraemon Roadventure Finale

Intro + Recap Did you know that there is this collector of Doraemon toys and merchandises who plans to put up a house dedicated for Doraemon? The total collectibles amount to around P500,000.00 already. This collector also brings happiness to the less fortunate kids by giving them Doraemon stuffs as [ … ]


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