Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

My name is Joanna Mae, but you can call me Juanna Mi for more emphasis. Haha

I was born and raised down South of the Philippines in Davao City. Life happened and I ended up in Metro Manila.

I braved the corporate world before, but I let go of it because… stress. Need I say more? LOL

After working for around 4 years something, I realized I wanted to live, and not just work. So I decided to be a digital nomad ^^ Being one is a lot of fun! Aside from the fact that it feels like you don’t have to work a day in your life, it is very much travel-friendly! Reason why I planned to do a lot of travelling from now on especially that I now have an official travel buddy – my husband! (Whether he likes it or not.)

So this blog is, as you have probably already guessed, a compilation of EVERYTHING I feel like showing islash sharing to the world as I LIVE and pursue every passion I have and will discover along the way. Join along as I tick every single item in my growing bucket list!



Juanna Mi (Again, for more emphasis. XD)




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